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We Started our factory in 2002 with the production of Slotted angle only ,Then we developed our factory  with the production of Panels, Steel racks, Supermarket racks, Industrial racks, Bus body Building Sections ,School & College Bench Desks, Steel Tables & Cable Tray etc.. We supplied to our Customers like Aircel, Landmark Groups, Megamart, Irzar TVS, Big Textile Showroom, Malls, Supermarkets, Automobile Showroom, Electronic Showroom, Hospitals, Hotels, & Government Orders. We Supplied Moulding centering Sheets for Big Construction Companies .We Supplied Bus Body Building Sections to big companies all over Tamilnadu. We supplied our Products all over tamilnadu. We do have our own Trading wholesale Company so that the Raw materials are purchased at wholesale price so our cost of price is low. We don’t Compromise with our Quality too. Feel Free to Contact Us Anytime for your requirements.

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